Pay and get paid with less hassle!

Accept global payments from everyone in seconds with no mess.

Multiple deposit & withdrawal methods!
While, you accept payments with CratePay, you can also withdraw the same to several other kinds of payment processors or to your bank.

... and many more!

With confidence
Paying with CratePay is always secure and instant. There's no scope for any hassle as its your account and we implement methods to take care of it keeping you confident.
Easily setup IPN and Buttons
Getting started with CratePay is really easily and doesn't require you to learn rocket science. You can easily setup the IPN and payment buttons with the sample code and guide we have on the website.
Who said that your users always need a CratePay? CratePay also features a guest-checkout so that you don't loose customer conversions and they spend more time doing things that matter.
Growing Company

Everyday you open CratePay, there's something new. CratePay is growing and we continue to add more features, payment processors and other things. We won't make you feel as if you are in a dead-pool company.