The fastest way to start transacting in Bitcoins

Payriel enables you to manage your Bitcoins effortlessly and convert to USD whenever you want. All it takes is a click to get started.

Instant Conversions to USD

We have a direct platform where you can convert your Bitcoins with a single click. The USD balance can be withdrawn to 6 popular payment processors including bank-wire.

Robust API for Bitcoin Applications

Our API can be used to send and receive payments, generate hosted payment pages and accept multiple processors with the help of a single API.

Powerful Wallet

Your money stays secure with us. We focus on security as much as we do on growth. We use 2FA, behaviour and anomaly detection to ensure security of your account.


Integrates Seamlessly with Your Business

Payriel is simple and integrates well with your business. Start accepting payments in no time with our API, you can start accepting BTC and USD along with 8 third party payment processors.

Send and receive USD and BTC on the go with Payriel API.

API Documentation

Sell Globally with Payriel

Payriel makes it straightforward to transact globally. With support for BTC, USD and over 6 payment processors, you're covered to send and receive payments globally.

Payriel makes it easy to start transacting at an international level.

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Accept BTC, Get Paid in USD

Payriel is loaded with plethora of features. You can now exchange your BTC to USD (and vice versa) in no time. Send payments to other users, reap benefits by getting quarterly interests, earn extra bucks with the faucet.

Become part of a developing Bitcoin wallet and payment gateway.